Question / Help Lagged Frames no matter what...


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So I was using OBS to stream for a while and eventually realized Ive been having a major issue: I get lagged frames a ton they range from 5% to 60%. Any game, any service, any settings. I have tried different bitrates, video qualities, vsync settings, even programs. I actually had to switch from Streamlabs OBS to Studio just to get log files properly.

My PC is brand new (upgraded because this happened on my old FX-6350* GTX 960 setup), now a Ryzen 2700 and GTX 1080. My internet is about 30Mb down, 6 up. I have streamed at 6000 bitrate down to 2000, always the same issue. At this point im genuinely concerned because I have tried

-switching servers
-using a different service (Youtube and Twitch have the same issue)
-spending around 1000 dollars on new PC upgrades
-used different programs
-streamed with unlimited frames in game, limited frames in game, vsync on, vsync off
-turning my game graphics all the way down
-streamed at 1080p60fps and 720p30 and same results
-monitored usage in task manager, GPU is always 100% and CPU jumps from around 50% to 75% while streaming, as expected
-removed sources

It does seem to only happen when im playing intense games, but theres no way this hardware couldnt handle streaming and playing a game at the same time. It also seems that the stream itself runs very smoothly, its just OBS that kicks the bucket every time I tab back into a game. I'm at a loss for what to do, please help.


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Remove monitor capture from your scene and use game capture instead (way better capture performance) and keep in mind, that the game capture source can autodetect, so you won't need different game capture sources for different games, just one for all.
Rendering lag is usually a GPU overload problem. OBS needs to scale/resize your scene/sources and use a rescale filter for that as well and then render the frame 60 times per second, while you run the game.
So download GPU-Z, start a recording/stream and your game and monitor the GPU load, while doing so. If you see the GPU load often above 90%, just apply an FPS limit to your game, until the GPU load is staying under ~95%.
Not sure, if you use your webcam at full screen size a lot, but if not, reduce the Webcam resolution, which will also improve performance.

By the way, there is not much content, that will look decent with 1080p 60fps with only 3000kbit/s (fast shooters will look horrible, even with 6000kbi/t).
So for quality reasons, I would recommend to stream with 720p 30fps 3000kbit/s or 720p 60fps @6000kbit/s (or what ever your upload can do, without lagging your game).