Jittery video from USB-C camera when recording


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I have OBS set-up with a Sony A7III via USB-C (using Sony's imaging edge software to enable USB based webcam feature).

I also have my screen being recorded. My screen looks great when screensharing, but my camera seems to be skipping frames, it's very jittery. I'm recording in 30fps and brought the resolution down to 720p (of my camera). It's using software encoding and I've kept my eye on the CPU usage and it never passes 25% and the fps counter near the CPU usage stays at 30fps the whole time too.

Would love any insights that may shed light on better settings to ensure better video from the camera.

Attaching logs from 2 recording attempts.

Also here is a section of the video for an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1coQXojhfqqnCZB8KGDomtnGgVVOEtnvD


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