jittery recording

  1. eh24

    Distracting jittery text

    To whom this may concern, I am trying to record my screen, but my output has distracting shaking text and icons. The quality can be seen here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1itz5Rw-Nuf-d4ANvbSE-c5rvz6jUzhhT/view?usp=sharing I am using FFMEG VAAPI H.264 with intel-media-driver. The output of...
  2. R

    Jittery video from USB-C camera when recording

    I have OBS set-up with a Sony A7III via USB-C (using Sony's imaging edge software to enable USB based webcam feature). I also have my screen being recorded. My screen looks great when screensharing, but my camera seems to be skipping frames, it's very jittery. I'm recording in 30fps and brought...
  3. X

    Mouse twitching with minecraft and OBS

    For quite some time now I have had this really annoying issue where, when recording minecraft at high framerates (240+) my in-game cursor stops moving for a few frames in a row or even twitches back and forth. I know it isn't the game itself or the recording that's skipping frames because if I...
  4. bofner

    OBS is giving Choppy recordings/playback and crackly audio when recording Switch

    This issue is not just with recordings, it also just happens when viewing the game through the OBS window. I close as many applications as I can when I record, so its not like I have a game up and running or anything. I tested it out with my Genesis and Saturn running through the OSSC in 2X mode...