Mouse twitching with minecraft and OBS


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For quite some time now I have had this really annoying issue where, when recording minecraft at high framerates (240+) my in-game cursor stops moving for a few frames in a row or even twitches back and forth. I know it isn't the game itself or the recording that's skipping frames because if I am doing other sorts of movement in game that don't require mouse input they get captured fine (ie. parallaxis or player animations). I am also getting minimal rendering lag and skipped frames (0 - 0.1%). (540 fps, played back at 60) (360fps, played back at 60)

What's more, the issue occurs inconsistently throughout different versions and configurations of the game: for example, when I use a pvp client or any instalation running off of the usual .minecraft folder, the problem happens across all versions (1.8-1.16), but when I use multimc (which has its own folder) the problem is nonexistent in 1.16 while using the sodium mod (performance enhancing), whether I use game or display capture; and when I use 1.8 with optifine in multimc, the problem is non-existent while using game capture but if I try to use display capture, it only captures a fraction of the frames (about 1/3rd of the frames, and this time it straight up repeats the same frame, it doesn't appear to be a mouse thing)

This is also not something that I notice in-game, but it does substantially decrease the quality of recordings (if you use frame blending or smart resample on a high fps recording, but the movement isn't smooth, or some frames are repeated, then the motion blur will look terrible and inconsistent). I have tried a lot of things, such as downgrading OBS to 25.0.4 (I normally use 25.0.8 because newer versions don't work well with high fps recordings) as well as a number of changes to the minecraft executables and libraries, and at one point I managed to make the issue go away with the game running off of the usual .minecraft folder, while using game capture (similar to 1.8 in multimc as described above) but because display capture wasn't working I decided to reinstall OBS and the problem came back. This is such an odd and specific issue that I don't expect anyone to provide a solution, but I would appreciate ideas of what it might be, suggestions on what to try that might help me isolate the problem, and information on how OBS relates to java executables and mouse movements, and how there could be any compatibiliy issues between my mouse (polling rate is 1000hz btw), java and OBS.


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