Issues with stream (not preview) frozen, among other things.


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I've recently started trying to stream again for fun. This lead me down a rabbit hole of issues, hardware and internet wise. I've managed to fix my issues with wifi by implementing an ethernet cable, but this seemed to make my hardware issues worse. After a minute or so of the stream being started I've seen it end up frozen almost constantly with network errors when watching through my tablet, while my preview generally is running smoothly enough. (and I know it's not just me because other streams work fine and when I asked someone else they told me it was frozen for them, too.) This is accompanied by almost constant encoding overloaded messages. Here's the latest log file:

Now, right off the bat I know the obvious answer is that I'm trying to stream from a potato computer. I'm using an HP laptop with intel pentium, so I know that nothing I'll do will make it be able to stream a beautiful ray of 200fps in hd anytime soon, and I'm pretty close to throwing in the towel on streaming entirely until I can upgrade to something better. But I at least wanted to give one last attempt to be able to stream in a way that could at least be watchable. I managed to stream before on this laptop and didn't have nearly the same issues then with either wifi or gpu.

I've tried the auto configuration wizard a few times, lowered my fps down to 24, lowered the bitrate to 2000, my output resolution is at 1280x720, I generally don't use overly complex scenes and close anything running besides obs and the game, is there anything else I can do? Is there something maybe causing the freezing that I'm unaware of? If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make this any better, I'm all ears.