Question / Help Is it possible to mute VLC media player


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Hello, as the title says, but I'll to explain my situation a little bit more. When I record gameplay videos, I like to listen to music, but on my videos I only want audio/sounds from the game I record. Lots of games that I play are pretty silent and I just have a habit of listening to music while playing them, but that really doesn't fit into my videos. So I'm asking if it's possible to record audio from the game, while having audio coming from my VLC media player and have that muted?

Also I tried to use different device for listening to the music (like my phone), but then I don't hear the game sounds at all. And I just need to have that nice balance, haha. I need the music, but I also need to hear the game.

Thanks in advance for any response! (Even if you just say that it isn't possible, lol.)


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These guides discuss your topic:

In general what the guides are about:
  • you install a virtual audio device
  • you direct your game to output to this virtual audio device
  • you configure the "input" part of the virtual audio device to output its sound to your regular sound device, so you are still able to listen to the game audio as before. This way you are able to "tap" the game audio before it is mixed with all the other audio of your computer
  • you configure OBS to record the virtual audio device instead of Desktop Audio