I don't know what's wrong with my OBS/Elgato


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I'm trying to capture game audio to my xbox one using Elgato and running it through OBS. It has worked perfectly in the past. I switched it to my playstation and it also worked fine. I tried switching it back to my xbox one and now there's no audio coming through. I went back and checked my Elgato settings and returned them to something suitable for recording xbox one gameplay, such as changing the settings back so it captures xbox one gameplay. I took out all the hdmi cables and reset everything and nothing worked, made it worst actually. Now everytime obs is running, my tv cuts out all audio and I just hear a hissing sound coming from my tv speakers. I've been trying to fix this for a hour now.

here's my most recent log when I tried recording desktop audio from youtube I think. I've tested if it worked so many times, i forgot which is which.