How to Uninstall OBS Virtual Camera? This is messing with other apps


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I noticed that I'm unable to avoid using the OBS Virtual Camera when trying to take a photo from Chrome (WhatsApp web). I'm in incognito mode and even if I go to the Chrome camera settings and select the internal laptop's webcam, it is still showing in the Chrome tab for whatsapp and when I try to take a photo again I receive the same blocker. I do not want to have the OBS VC available as I do not record myself. How can I uninstall that feature?

Windows 10, 64bits


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Run virtualcam-uninstall.bat as admin. It can be found in C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\win-dshow


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Run virtualcam-uninstall.bat as admin. It can be found in C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\win-dshow
I'm also unable to find this... Also, do you have the instructions to do this for Mac? I'm only having this problem in Chrome, Safari is fine...

Thank you.


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In windows, the uninstall exe is in C:\Program Files\obs-studio. It is named something like "uninstall-obs-camera.exe". (Sorry ran mine before getting the exact name.)


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Thank you everyone and especially Nehemoth for the new location of the batch file. This has been driving me absolutely insane the past few weeks. I've been using GoToMeeting on 2 machines and it always wants to select the OBS Virtual Camera on my PC when all I want to use it for is monitoring the class. This batch file did the trick. No messing around with the registry.


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using uninstall bat file solved the whatsapp camera problem. But in chrome&browsers it still persists. i tried to change it from settings of webpage but it doesn't change. somebody help.
In second screenshot even if it shows internal camera is select, it still depending on obs virtual camera.


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I just found out that there is an easier way to uninstall the virtualcam plugin.

1. In the search box on the taskbar, type Programs and Features
2. Scroll down to OBS-VirtualCam
3. Click on uninstall


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I uninstalled OBS completely out of desperation, deleted the dll's I could find, and it's still there!

Can anyone offer any help? This has been interfering with my online meetings for 3 months now!


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I would love instructions on how to do this for Mac. OBS virtual Webcam not only doesn't work, it somehow disabled my ACTUAL webcam (regardless of whether OBS is running or not).


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Run virtualcam-uninstall.bat as admin. It can be found in C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\win-dshow
My mistake. I credited Nehemoth for the correct path when in fact it was R1CH who posted the correct path weeks before. Nehemoth's is also correct, it's just the same path. No offense to either of you, I hope.


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So I install OBS. I don't want the software anymore. I uninstall it. And suddenly my webcam doesn't work anymore. And the only solution to make my webcam work is to reinstall the software, let it sleep there even if I don't want to? Wow. Welcome to 2021. Better solution?


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Just encountered the error myself. Deleted the virtual camera, but don't want to delete the software. Should we post this in a bug report or something?


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I just had the same issue. Went to access teams and only integrated cam. No Logitech cam, only OBS virtual cam. Tried everything bar uninstalling OBS and even then, by the sounds of things, that wont help. Wtf OBS? I never agreed to installing this pos virtual cam thing in the first place. I switched to a new laptop after having my desktop 5 years with OBS the whole time, no virtual cam to be seen. New machine, new version, bam. No webcam.

Very frustrating and if I have to wipe my laptop to get it to go away I will be switching to another video capture tool.

Fix it, fast, OBS.

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For mac :
Hit "CMD+SHIFT+G", then enter /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/ Delete the file named obs-mac-virtualcam. plugin - you might be asked for your password to confirm the deletion.


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I founding the same problem that I can not call anybody from desktop Facebook. I can not contact with my family only for that obs studio. this virtual camera doing a very great problem. I always stay with the updated version but ran as administrator uninstall file not working.. this don't go after uninstall..


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I'm pulling my freaking hair out. Since installing OBS, default cam in Facebook Messenger calls (in Chrome) is OBS virtual camera, and the dropdown is greyed so cannot change back to my actual webcam. I don't even have OBS running!

I get the same dumb OBS virtual cam placeholder screen instead of my camera feed.

Chrome settings already changed to make native cam default, didn't work.

Uninstalling win-dshow didn't work.