1. M

    Streaming all windows of certain processes

    Hello! Please help me, how to stream all windows, only windows of certain processes (there are many of them and I often open new ones and close them) or how to remove certain windows from the area?
  2. A

    Screen Recording Woes: Black Screen Issue with Browser Hardware Acceleration

    Hey everyone, I've been dabbling with screen recording some lectures lately and stumbled upon a curious issue that I thought I'd share here. Maybe you can shed some light on this. So, here's the thing: Whenever I try to record a lecture with hardware acceleration enabled in Chrome, the final...
  3. A

    Win capture audio not working!

    I am using Windows 10 I was trying to add chrome audio but its not working not audio! i have also tryed with other applications but no use! its not capturing the audio from the application.. i reinstalled the plugin and also checked the path but no use.... what shuold i do?
  4. C

    Chrome loses window capture. Turns black when not in focus.

    Using 'window capture' with Chrome browser in OBS loses feed and turns black when Chrome is not 'on top' (the focused application). Capture feed returns when Chrome is brought back into focus. Research within this forum and around the web has offered solutions but most are outdated and none...
  5. B

    OBS not autoplaying videos any more with update to 27.2.3

    Hi, I'm using this code here - - for playing random videos from my computer. Unfortunately, there's been an update to how OBS handles html pages and the videos no longer load. Is there a way to use a different browser...
  6. D

    Problems with Chrome after latest update

    I've updated Obs to the last version. I'm opening many times the OBS settings menu. On another screen I've chrome opened. Opening the setting menu turns to be veeery slow whren Chrome is opened. It seems like the program is blocked. Moreover, I noticed that the CPU usage goes very high if I...
  7. E

    Problem with OBS Virtual Camera and Browsers (Chrome/Firefox)

    Hi folks I am using OBS Studio 27.0.1 (64 Bits) and Windows 10 Pro (21H1 Build 19043.1052) and Google Chrome version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit) . In general, Native Virtual Webcam works fine in applications but not in browsers, inside chrome OBS-Camera is selected and the...
  8. A

    OBS won't capture Chrome/Brave browser

    I'm on Ubuntu 20.04, and I have been trying to capture Chromium based brewers but can't. Firefox works fine but can't capture Chrome or Brave browser. I have disabled "Hardware Acceleration" on both of my chromium based browsers, but it still doesn't work. I have to switch to Firefox every time...
  9. M

    Will this help me keep Chrome from changing webcam properties?

    I have a Logitech USB webcam. On Zoom and Skype, it's set correctly to just show my face. Today, I joined some sort of browser teleconference platform (in Chrome) and the camera was showing the whole room (much wider than normal). I couldn't figure out how to set it back; I tried a Camera...
  10. leethil

    I can't use OBS Virtual Cam on Chrome.

    Hi, I'm trying to use the OBS Virtual Cam in Omegle on Chrome, but when I try to put the camera as the virtual camera in settings it never saves the changes I've made. I've restarted Chrome, refreshed the page, but nothing works. I've done this on multiple devices and my friends also have the...
  11. Echon

    Google Chrome Tabs Look Blurry When Recording

    When I record videos, the text in my Google Chrome tabs and my cursor look smudged and blurry. Kind of like that vision you have when you first wake up and everything is foggy and blurry. Screenshots Provided: <<< OBS Recording VS. <<< Raw Screenshot >-LOGS-<...
  12. N

    How to INSTALL GOOGLE HANGOUTS extension?

    Let me ask you about this extension. As long as I know, possible for me to receive notification from the other party like the below? What else other than this? If a browser is not Chrome, should I install the following add-on? Google...
  13. F

    How can I stop OBS Virtual Cam from showing up in Messenger settings?

    I uninstalled OBS Virtual Cam, but now the group calls in Facebook Messanger take the OBS Virtual Camera as defoult: although I change the camera to use in all the settings, both in the Messenger window, and in the Chrome settings, the Virtual OBS Camera keeps popping up: When I make...
  14. A

    How to Uninstall OBS Virtual Camera? This is messing with other apps

    I noticed that I'm unable to avoid using the OBS Virtual Camera when trying to take a photo from Chrome (WhatsApp web). I'm in incognito mode and even if I go to the Chrome camera settings and select the internal laptop's webcam, it is still showing in the Chrome tab for whatsapp and when I try...
  15. C

    Glitching when recording Chrome

    I have a gaming PC that I'm using to record Chrome, but it has minor glitches and strange issues. Please view this video for more information. I have an AMD RadeonRx 5600 XT graphics card and an MSI x570 -A Pro motherboard (I can't attach a log file, but any questions probably can be answered).
  16. K

    Bug Report Chrome extension popup invisible

    Hello, Chrome extension popups doesn't appear on OBS. Here is a log file : Thanks
  17. G

    Bug Report Problem recording Chrome with Window Capture

    It's been a few months since I last recorded. OBS needed an So I update and film a reaction. The Window Capture for Chrome did not record. So I can tweak the settings and get OBS to start recording the window. But Every time I bring the Chrome window in front of OBS or minimize...
  18. SetLucas

    Question / Help Chrome With Hardware Acceleration and 1050 ti

    I have a Windows 10 laptop with a nvidia 1050 ti (its a dual gpu system). I cannot figure out how to record chrome with hardware acceleration turned on (trying to record Stadia gameplay, so I have to leave it on). I tried following these instructions...
  19. A

    Question / Help CLR Browser with ADblocker

    I am running my Obs Stream on a VServer. That mean I cant capture my Music Playlist with an normal Window or Desktop Audio. The only way is to use an CLR OBS Browser. But I dont want to see/hear Ads anymore. Is there any way to install a AdBlocker or a Plugin, in one of these "half" chrome...
  20. V

    Question / Help IP Webcam feed freezes in Chrome

    As a quick and dirty webcam, I am using an old smartphone with IP Webcam as a Window Capture device for a streaming camera of my face. This was working fine for the past few days, but now whenever I maximize the game in the Display Capture or in Game capture, the video feed in Chrome freezes...