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OBS Studio How to setup instant replay in OBS Studio


Hi! looking for an instant replay functionality like this:
Hotkey 1 pressed = replay is saved to file but not played
Hotkey 2 pressed = latest saved replay is played in the ongoing broadcast
Hotkey 3 pressed = replay is saved AND instantly played in the ongoing broadcast.

Is this possible to achieve with this script?

So far I have only managed to get the "Hotkey 3" function to work wiht this script.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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I had this working beautifully last year but got a new computer and I'm having trouble getting it set back up.

The frame rate on my replays seems to be 1 frame per 8 seconds. It's awful. When I view the saved replay videos independently it's the same. What am I doing wrong?


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Is there a way to set it up so if you use the shortcuts created for the stream deck. I have it set to save replay buffer but it doesn't trigger the replay like I thought it would. Thanks in advance.


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Everything worked as advertised with one exception that most have called out or that I've seen referenced elsewhere: if you're not using any additional plugins or scripts you will need to modify the file recording settings so the names do not change on the "Replay" files. This is because the Media Source does not allow for dynamic files so the filename has to stay the same. Go to "Settings --> Advanced --> Recording: Filename Formatting."

The problem with this is that you lose the ability to keep all of the replays, if that is important to you (think, highlight reel). The solution here requires an additional plugin to allow you to keep the dynamic filename setting but to update the Media Source with the latest Replay file. There might be others but for right now you can use the Directory Watch Media plugin. This creates a new filter type that you can attach to the Media Source to update the file. Good luck!


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We stream a mountainbike event with mostly 30fps gear. I have added two Gopros to the mix at 60fps for slowmo. Is there a way to take advantage of the Gopro 60fps when adding replays? Can i have a 30fps timeline and record 60fps from Gopro and slow it down to 30fps?