Question / Help How to mix the game volume with shortcuts ?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a simple and practical solution to mix the audio of my live streams without necessarily going through a dedicated mixing interface. The idea would be to be able to adjust the sound of a game or any other windows sources on the fly with a simple keyboard shortcut. A cinematics starts, I turn up the sound of the game so that the viewers can hear it better and I lower it when it ends, this is the idea.

The current problem is that OBS is not affected by the changes made to the main Windows volume. The keyboard shortcuts vol up and down are therefore only used to adjust the volume of the sound for the streamer and not for its audience. It is therefore necessary to manually lower the sound of the game in its options or via the Windows mixer and this cannot be done while playing.

I'm not a big fan of audio ducking solutions, which I find a little bit unnatural when listening. I also don't want to invest in a usb sound console because I don't need most of their additional features.

Do you know a solution, or a program that allow the user to mix the sound of a PC on the fly with keyboard shortcuts? Thx !