Question / Help How do I make OBS on mac recognise an Elgato Game capture Device as a video capture device?

Sadly you cannot. I mean, you could dual boot windows using boot camp and maybe that’ll work.

Elgato hasn’t made the Mac drivers so it’s only available through their own software, which the Mac version of their software is significantly behind on features.

I tried switching to OBS recently with a new capture device because I couldn’t crop my camera with the Elgato capture software.

If you haven’t tried their software, give it a shot. Cause the missing features might not even be ones you want/need.
Yeah, what Narcogen linked.

It’s just called Game Capture HD by Elgato.

Easy to use, but limited. I ceased using it and swapped to OBS with a new Magewell device now.

Encountered a few issues myself with that one though so (got my own thread on that).