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Re-posting this because the last one has no input/feedback and I'm at the end of my ropes:

I stream on twitch and suddenly when I plugged in my c920 Webcam my audio on playback in OBS becomes hollowed, as if I'm speaking in a giant concert hall or bathroom. This happens without logitech software installed now, without the webcam plugged in, and seems to be permanent in OBS. The problem only exists in OBS and the mic sounds fine in something like audacity and is only persistent in recordings, streaming is fine. I've checked threads with the same problem, sadly, I have no clue what to do as "go to windows sound settings" doesn't help much. The most puzzling part is I've used my webcam with no problems like this in OBS before. (And yes I did disable all of devices that record the mic audio and playback on OBS. I also checked to see if there was a surround 7.1 audio system active and there are none as that seemed to be others problems as well.) If anybody has any clue on what to do help would be greatly appreciated, I'm stuck here.

Yes, I've done all basic checks on OBS like disabling the camera mic, and all other audio devices besides the mic, it continues to sound like I'm in a tunnel.

Mic I'm using: AT2020 USB

Camera: LogitechC920

Log: https://gist.github.com/cb050dc14ee4d32f123626f690b01ac3