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In this past weekend's, i notice in my task manager while i'm streaming of OBS using 15% of gpu and two seconds later uses 30-35% or 20-25%. In the past i don't see a thing like that, only keeps to 10-15% and doesn't goes up in a seconds, i tried some things and nothing fixes it, i'd reinstall it, and keep it without too much things, it works a little bit, my gpu usage mantains in 15%, and 4 seconds later to see it in task manager, goes up to 20-25%, i think of this is a bug or only do that when i have the task manager open. I keep it like that and stream normally. Yesterday I bought a capture card and i tested it directly in my obs, all good, some gpu usage (40%-35%) but i don't pay too much attention, because it's decoding the stream, later in the night i stream apex legends and see things lighter (like steam or web browsing) and i see the task manager and i have 40% of gpu usage, and the source of the capture card is disabled (the option of deactive when is not showing is enabled too), i'd deleted it, and disconnect it in the moment and nothing happens. Curiously i watched the rebroadcast of my stream and the game is not laggy, it's fluid 60 fps 720p, so i don't know if this happens after or before i open the game, but i'm a bit worried of this impact in heavy games
I think of the task manager is buggy, so i close the window and reopen it, 15% gpu usage, but immediately 30-40%, i don't know why this is happening, if is a bug, or what, but i think obs cannot use 40% of gpu only watching videos in display capture or exploring in steam. in the past uses 10% i remember.

What do you think is the problem? I think is a bug with obs and this version of windows 10 (1909 build 18363.959)

i post the logs of today stream of 40% for nothing, trying the capture card and before having the capture card. Thanks for reading!

Online 3 logs:


  • 2020-08-11 02-44-10 before the capture card.txt
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  • 2020-08-11 14-00-14 the first day of the capture card.txt
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  • 2020-08-12 00-46-33 streaming after the capture card.txt
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