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    OBS Tray Icon Disappears, Process Still Open In Task Manager

    Hello, this is my first post here and I'd first like to say that I really enjoy the OBS software, although this issue has been plaguing me for about a week now. OBS opens correctly, everything works fine, until after a certain amount of time, usually from approximately 10 to 20 minutes, the...
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    OBS process in the task manager, but won't show up

    This has been happening for the past 5 days: I open OBS studio, it doesn't appear but it does appear as a process in the task manager, I forcefully end it, re-open it, it does the exact same thing. I open a new instance of OBS studio while running it already and it brings up the message that it...
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    High GPU usage in these weeks

    Hi! In this past weekend's, i notice in my task manager while i'm streaming of OBS using 15% of gpu and two seconds later uses 30-35% or 20-25%. In the past i don't see a thing like that, only keeps to 10-15% and doesn't goes up in a seconds, i tried some things and nothing fixes it, i'd...
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    "OBS is already running!"

    I recently did a system restore for reasons I won't get into, but upon opening OBS I see the blue circle on the mouse, then nothing. If I try opening again it gives that message in the title. 1. If I close the task in the task manager, nothing happens...