1. borjagarciab

    More ram each hour

    Hello, I have a 24h music channel, and i have a problem with OBS , each hour, it takes more and more ram. I have 1 scene with 2 obs browser , 1 for notifications and other for music website. I have too an MP4 background. When i reset, OBS takes about 600mb of ram, but in 2 days it is taking...
  2. Z

    High GPU usage in these weeks

    Hi! In this past weekend's, i notice in my task manager while i'm streaming of OBS using 15% of gpu and two seconds later uses 30-35% or 20-25%. In the past i don't see a thing like that, only keeps to 10-15% and doesn't goes up in a seconds, i tried some things and nothing fixes it, i'd...