More ram each hour


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I have a 24h music channel, and i have a problem with OBS , each hour, it takes more and more ram.
I have 1 scene with 2 obs browser , 1 for notifications and other for music website. I have too an MP4 background.
When i reset, OBS takes about 600mb of ram, but in 2 days it is taking literally 6GB...

Do you know reasons?


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I've not encountered such a RAM leak in OBS, but don't use if for that length of time either.
Plug-ins however are varying code quality, so would be where I'd start to look. And using OBS browser in the way you describe could also easily be a cause (not OBS, but the underlying open-source browser code).
Have you looked into automating shutting down those browsers and restarting on a schedule?
And you are streaming music from another website? assuming no copyright issues (which I would expect there would be... but maybe in your circumstance??? ) Are you using a local music file(s), are you closing them when done?