Question / Help high cpu usage [Fixed]


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I have switched from an old dual core i5 m 560 (2.65 GHz base speed) and gt 420M laptop using windows 7 to a server sporting a Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 (3.00 GHz base speed 3.50 GHz turbo) and a GT 710 gpu running Ubuntu 18.04 and the cpu speed goes up from 15% to 70% running the same setup......
The idle load has increased from 3% to 21%.
The server is running headless with a virtual display generated from nvidia-xconfig.
Anyone got any clue as to why the cpu load increased THIS much?


You didn't give us any logs. Are you sure the headless configuration does indeed use the GPU? If not I would assume that the Mesa software OpenGL kicks in as a fallback..


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I got it to work. All it took was an update to the 410 nvidia drivers. now I am trying to set up video capture of a single window. so far I can only choice between streaming my entire screen or showing a screenshot of a single window but no video capture of a single window so far...
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