gt 710

  1. kennyfer19

    Nvidia 710gt ??? It works well GDDR5 1GB 32bits

    Esta tarjeta sirve para mejorar la codificación. Es la versión GDDR5 1GB 32 Bits
  2. M

    Bug Report GT 710 NVENC not Supported :,(

    Hi! I have finally a good GPU. So I decided to make videos on youtube. I downloaded OBS, because it was free. I chose NVENC H 264 because it was supported. And the recording worked like normal. BUT, one DAY there was an update avaliable, so I downloaded it. GUESS WHAT! I wasnt able to record...
  3. A

    Question / Help high cpu usage [Fixed]

    I have switched from an old dual core i5 m 560 (2.65 GHz base speed) and gt 420M laptop using windows 7 to a server sporting a Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 (3.00 GHz base speed 3.50 GHz turbo) and a GT 710 gpu running Ubuntu 18.04 and the cpu speed goes up from 15% to 70% running the same setup...