Get OBS audio levels/audio meter in remote web app


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Hi, I'm building a remote app in Django (Python) for OBS.
I'm using the websocket plugin to get information and control OBS.
I'm trying to build some kind of volume meter, like you know from OBS.
Afaik this functionality is not covered by the websocket plugin.

I had a few ideas:
  • use mutlistream plugin to stream to a seperate rtsp/hls server and then get the stream into the web-app. Then use some library to get some sort of VU meter based on the HLS/RTMP stream. (big latency)
  • use OBS to record the Audio-Mixer itself (screen recording) and play the stream in the web-app (does this make sense?)

Do you may have other ideas or concrete tips how to accomplish this?

PS: already posted this on reddit here, but saw your notice to use this forum or Discord primarly therefore I'm 'double posting'