remote app

  1. C

    T-bar supported remote app

    Hi, Recently been trying several apps to remote OBS through my android devices, tryna find a way to control the T-bar without using mouse. OBS Blade and Touch Portal tried, got nothing. They can only control volume bar. Just searched and found this, it seems that T-bar can be control by outside...
  2. raarts

    Semi-free KeyPad 1.94

    If you stream from a mac, and use a separate streaming pc, this utility comes in very handy. Press a hotkey, and suddenly your mac is the keyboard/mouse for your streaming pc, and you can control it from your mac. I connect my Mac to an HDMI capture card in my Windows PC (which runs OBS...
  3. S

    Get OBS audio levels/audio meter in remote web app

    Hi, I'm building a remote app in Django (Python) for OBS. I'm using the websocket plugin to get information and control OBS. I'm trying to build some kind of volume meter, like you know from OBS. Afaik this functionality is not covered by the websocket plugin. I had a few ideas: use...