Gaming pc NDI to laptop stream


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I use ndi to stream gaming
My gaming pc monitor is 1440p
I want to stream 1080 through my laptop to twitch.
I want all the process will be through my laptop and my target is that the minimum process needed will be on my gaming pc.

Should i downscale from my gaming pc 1440p to 1080p
And then from laptop 1080p to 1080p ?

Or better option is on gaming pc
1440p to 1440p and then from laptop downscale to 1440p to 1080p ?

I just want to know if changing output resolution is taking power from gaming pc


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It's generally best to not scale anything at all, and that includes everything:
  1. The gaming PC scaling 1440 to 1080
  2. The laptop scaling 1440 to 1080
  3. The monitor itself scaling 1080 to its native 1440 or whatever it is
So pick your poison. If you're okay with seeing slightly worse yourself, then my option #3 might be best. Then at least the stream is never scaled at all.