1. D

    Gaming pc NDI to laptop stream

    Hi I use ndi to stream gaming My gaming pc monitor is 1440p I want to stream 1080 through my laptop to twitch. I want all the process will be through my laptop and my target is that the minimum process needed will be on my gaming pc. Should i downscale from my gaming pc 1440p to 1080p And then...
  2. E

    4K Streaming downscaled to 1080p for Streaming on Twitch

    I want to capture in 4K with my Sony camera and downscale that to 1080p and stream on Twitch. How would that work? I typed the steps I think i should do, please correct any steps.. and let me know if there is anything else im missing 1) set the camera settings itself to capture in 4K 2) set...
  3. R

    Downscaling 4k to 1080p on Xbox Series X

    I hope I can word this right as I’m not too good with obs software. I’ve been researching this for so long but just cannot seem to find the correct settings. I have an XSX that I play on a 4K monitor at 60FPS. I use an Elgato 4k60 pro. I want to play in 4K and record downscale to 1080p 60FPS...
  4. J

    Best Downscale Filter

    Hello, I typically downscale my videos, and I'm wondering what downscale filter is the best. I've used Lanczos for some test videos, and it looks fine to me, although I don't know if it's the best option out there. I'm recording gaming videos if you needed that information by the way. Thanks!
  5. P

    Video Lag

    Hi hi! Whenever I record a video, the visuals will lag severely. Strangely, the audio is just fine. The encoding lag is insanely high, and the rendering lag isn't great either. I've turned up the downscaling (I think, I set it to bilinear, but I'm new and could easily have gotten this...
  6. CaptaPraelium

    Question / Help Guide to find the best downscale for streaming high resolution gaming.

    I've typed this up for a few friends lately and as 1440p gaming becomes more popular with time I thought it might make sense to put it somewhere public. This forum seems as good a place as any I could think of, but perhaps I should make a resource/guide, as this is not applicable to windows...
  7. D


    So basically I can stream with OBS or with Shadowplay. I prefer OBS much more, but when it comes to streaming, Shadowplay does the Job better in terms of quality and I don´t fully understand why Here are my Shadowplay settings: And here are my OBS settings: I CAN´T UNDERSTAND why...