4K Streaming downscaled to 1080p for Streaming on Twitch


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I want to capture in 4K with my Sony camera and downscale that to 1080p and stream on Twitch. How would that work?

I typed the steps I think i should do, please correct any steps.. and let me know if there is anything else im missing

1) set the camera settings itself to capture in 4K

2) set my capture card software setting (Elgato in my case) to capture in 4K

3) add a new 'video capture device' source in OBS (video capture source) and then set the resolution to 4K.. do i need to input 3840x2160 manually, or will it show in the options?

4) Once I set this 4K source, I set downscale filter for this source
i will experiment with either filters

5) set the base and output resolution to 1080p in the video tab in OBS settings