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Full vs Partial Color Ranges EXPLAINED for Streaming - Stop streaming washed out/overly-contrasty gameplay!

A subject of understandable confusion when it comes to streaming and content creation - especially with game consoles - is RGB Color Range settings. This is one of those things that you may have frustrations with even if you don’t know what I’m talking about. If you’ve had overly-punchy and dark video captures, unsaturated or washed out captures, or just generally want to know what this setting is - this post is for you.
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So what is the RGB Color...

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As this post is the top google result when searching for OBS color range explanations, I thought I would add a note about washed out/desaturated screen captures. I was getting washed out colors from a screen capture on Windows 10 and thought it might be the color settings. However, when fiddling with the color range didn't fix the problem, I adjusted the source's capture method from "DXGI Desktop Duplication" to "Windows 10 (1903 and up)" - which resulted in proper color values.


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The question is: How do i know which color range is used by the game i'm trying to record? Or is it a matter of a graphics driver? I don't use any capture card or any other specialized hardware, i just record the fullscreen of a game using OBS.