Freezing FB stream


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I’ve been having an issue with my Facebook stream freezing when I’m live. I’m running obs studios and my Bitrate is 6000 and I’m running at 30fps. I’ve also tried to run the recommended setting that obs tells me to and I run into the same issue with freezing. I’m hardwired and my upload speed is 34 and my download is around 980-1000meg. I’m also running a gtx970 graphic card and a b450 motherboard with a i6 processor. If you want to watch one of my past streams my name is UNCLE_PSYCHO on Facebook. Feel free to add me on Xbox UNCLE PSYCH0 <——- zero instead of O


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I may be wrong, but I thought I read FB wants audio at 128
And 6000 kbps bitrate for 720p is overkill

Anything else on LAN? Are you monitoring your PC hardware utilization? Have you disabled any and all unnecessary software on your OBS PC?