Question / Help For certain streams my audio is high pitched and very glitchy, but most are fine...


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I'm running a scientific seminar series, where I broadcast a Zoom meeting with a speaker to YouTube. Usually all is working great, and OBS is just wonderful. But for some of the streams, without clear reason, the audio is high pitched and glitchy. I can confirm that the issue shows up in both the livestream on YouTube and the local recording (also made with OBS). The issue cannot be heard live on my computer (i.e. not in desktop audio).

I have no idea where to start debugging this, and why this only happens to some broadcasts (so far 2 out of 10).

Here is an example of a bad stream: (You might have to go to the middle of the video somewhere).
The log of that session is attached as bad_log.txt (or as a gist:

Here is an example of a good stream:
The log of that session is attached as good_log.txt (or as a gist:

We have a few hundred people watching these (sometimes > 700) and I feel bad when I can't give them a good experience. It also sucks for the speakers we invite. And I don't have a recording with good audio to upload afterwards either!

I'd appreciate any help to debug this, or any tips/workarounds to deal with this. Would restarting OBS help, and could I somehow figure out whether there is problems before we go live?


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