Bug Report F13-24 keys can't be assigned as hotkeys?


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I'm trying to use f13-24 keys as hotkeys for scene switching, and I can't seem to get it to work. The only keys that register are f13 and f15 which show as "OBS_KEY_F13" and "OBS_KEY_F15" respectively in the hotkey box. None of the rest of the f14-24 keys can be assigned however.

There is no pop-up, or anything like that, just nothing happens if I try to assign a hotkey to f14, f16, f17 etc.

Currently on OBS studio, 23.2.1.


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This is from the middle of last year, why revive a long-dead post?
But yes, I also use the extended F-keys and they work fine.


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I don't believe in dead threads, they are resources and if the information in it can be improved with new information why make and new thread and fragment the related data?