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Hi i have a problem with youtube. I install chrome extension and download release. 2 exe files are in the same directory. I launch Essential Now Playing, open youtube, click on extension, use on this page. i try to find NativeMessagingInterface in background but nothing. Btw Press start on Essential Now Playing, press start on extension, but nothing


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Made a few updates to this
  • VLC process gets picked up properly
  • Removed excess text from the title for Winamp and VLC
  • Removed "Paused" and "Program Not Open" Text for Spotify, VLC and Winamp



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I just wanted to bump this with some info:

I've recently started maintaining a rewrite of this program here:

It's very similar to the old version, except I think I'll actually be able to maintain this one. There is also a new version of the extension (which google removed from their store) available here:

Note: the new extension will not work with the old desktop application due to some architectural changes to the way they interact (mostly in an effort to make it easier to maintain).


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Could you add an option for saving the link (Youtube) to a seperate file too ? People could then ask the link from the chatbot to the specific video.


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In foobar2000, it displays only the track name. Can you add the option to have the artist and album names as well, with hyphen separators, please?

Also, it writes " - foobar2000" at the end of the nowplaying.txt file, which is useless information. Can you add the option to remove this?