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Essential Now Playing - Now playing (Desktop and Chrome)

Essential Now Playing
A now playing tool intended to be used with OBS.

So bascially its just something that I made to replace SMG. If anyone sees this and wants to request a player, just leave a comment here, message me, or make an issue on the github page.

Currently supported players:
  • Desktop (Windows [tested], *NIX [untested]):
    • Spotify
    • iTunes
    • winamp
    • VLC
    • MPC-HC
    • foobar2000
  • WebApps:
    • Spotify web player...

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Works very Good, Thanks :)
Can u make it without the .exe?
Chrome Extension create the .txt for OBS? :)

Ken Lutz

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Would love to be able to use this with MediaMonkey. Considering I've had so many issues getting my now playing for streams to work the way I want them to I would totally be willing to test this one out.
the only thing bugging me is that I can't throw out the number in the beginning and the "- winamp". I'd love to have relevant settings in the app + optional text like "Now playing:".


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Ok so I know I am doing something wrong here, but when I try to shrink the text down into a small area of the screen, it gets all blurry. I have tried decreasing the font size, but it just makes it worse. Any ideas?


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So I'm using this with OBS Multiplatform, the problem is that if I use the scrolling text option (for when a song is too long for where I want the text) it mushed the end of the song name into the beginning of the artist name. Maybe just have it automatically add about 3 or 4 blank spaces from whatever text it reads? Would be an easy fix, otherwise you have to edit the text file every time if you want to use the scrolling option. Otherwise it works great! As a potential future request, Last.Fm?


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Hey~^^ Just tried it - very great so far! But I would love to use it with the standard Windows Media Player. And I'm using Firefox, so do you know or can add a function for it too (like the Chrome one)?


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I experienced the same issue as Degu as listed above. On Windows 10 Google Chrome 48.0. Additionally, when using spotify web player any song with a "-" hyphen will be listed as "Paused". Might be a unicode issue.


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I cannot get this to work with youtube in Chrome.
I installed the extension, ran the app.
See image for what im getting.

Anyone get this to work?


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