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Essential Now Playing
A now playing tool intended to be used with OBS.

So bascially its just something that I made to replace SMG. If anyone sees this and wants to request a player, just leave a comment here, message me, or make an issue on the github page.

Currently supported players:
  • Desktop (Windows [tested], *NIX [untested]):
    • Spotify
    • iTunes
    • winamp
    • VLC
    • MPC-HC
    • foobar2000
  • WebApps:
    • Mixcloud
    • Spotify web player (
    • Soundcloud
    • tunein
    • YouTube
    • Pandora
    • Google Play (
Planned players to support:
  • Nothing at the moment, but I'm taking requests!

This application is completely portable. All that is required is that the two .exe's are in the same directory. Everything else is automagically setup when you run the application. If you move it and want to keep your settings, also move settings.json.

To use the WebApps, you'll need install the companion extension from the webstore. Here's a link to it:

Then, on any supported site, press that new icon in the top right of your browser then press the button inside that, and then on the bottom right of the page, there will be a new text box, press "Start" to link it up with the desktop application and you're done!

Note: WebApps will not function if NativeMessagingInterface.exe is not in the same directory as Essential Now Playing.exe.

Please ensure that they are in the same directory before creating an issue.
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Latest updates

  1. New Version (alpha)

    I've recently started maintaining a rewrite of this program here...
  2. Added some more players!

    Additions: You will also have to update the Chrome Extension as well...

Latest reviews

Has some bugs, very minor (such as multiple instances running causing issues). And does not work with google play music as listed. Clunky interface, but it works. Well done and simple application however.
Works for me, and pretty simple to use.