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I'm getting a similar issue but with VLC. No matter what order i open them in i just get a message saying "VLC not open"


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Would it be possible to edit how the song information is displayed? I currently have my text file set to scroll in OBS and it all seems to be a bit too close together. Looking to add a little bit of space just after the name of the song.


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For some reason, I can't seem to get the current song playing as I get this message.

"NativeMessagingInterface has stopped working

A problem caused the problem to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Is there any other way to fix this problem?
So far, liking it, but my only issue is the fact I can't edit what it puts up on my stream. I use Winamp, and I don't like that it shows the number at the beginning of the song and the " - Winamp" at the end. I'd love an update on this, if it can be fixed changed or its coming in the near future. Please and thank you!


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Very good plugin! I used before GetSpotify, but this works better than another one, and permits more functionalities, thanks

ethan cason

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So im having an issue where when I try to use soundcloud with the app it says "youtube not open" I have everything setup right and i have the chrome extension actviated on soundcloud. When i activate the extension on soundcloud it displays the song for one second then just goes back to saying "youtube not open". I hope this is clear and if someone could possibly help me fix this?

-So i looked into the nowplaying.txt file and the only text in the file is "youtube not open
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Would it be possible to add ZaraSoft's 'ZaraRadio' to the list of supported players? ZaraRadio already creates a 'CurrentSong.txt' file which is currently opted to be located at 'C:\CurrentSong.txt', so this might be easier than some others...

Thanks for considering the request!