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Nice plugin I love it. My only problem is if I skip to begin let say 10 seconds back, I can not use the slow forward. This is what I actually will love to do. If I’m playing a game and something happen I want to go back 10,15,20 or what ever seconds I set up to buffer and then go slow-motion forward. I understand if you skip 10 sec back you cannot do the slow-motion rewind because you are already behind 10 seconds but you should be able to go forward slow 10 seconds. Am I doing something wrong ? Am I the only one having this problem. I can rewind slow motion if I am playing live and also do foward slow motion if I am in live stage. But only when I fast rewind or skip back 10 second I can not use the slow motion. Help me


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Would it be possible to have the info displayed in the text source write to a file instead? I want to view it but not be visible to the viewers.
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If it would get audio in faster, personally I'd be fine with it being muted during the fast forward/rewind phase. Just have it play normally during actual playback.


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It's saving raw video to RAM. The only thing you could do is to decrease resolution and/or frame rate, or decrease the amount of time it's rewinding. This is probably one of those things that justifies having 32GB+ of RAM.

The plugin is great, but only it eats up a lot of computer memory, can you do something about it?


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Hi, I have a suggestion that might be useful.
While going backward or getting paused, the program will still take new frames and erase old frames, which means the beginning of the replay section still keeps going forward. A bit of RAM is wasted because it needs time to going backward. I was wondering if it is possible to freeze the replay section while going backward or getting paused.

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I'm using Streamer.Bot to fire off timed hotkey events via websocket to control the plugin, its responding to all commands, however if I tell it to fast_backward and then slow_forward it only ever plays at normal speed unless the wait is at or shorter than the ease time no matter how many times I call it, which is problematic because its only letting me rewind up to how long my ease time is and still get a slow_forward to trigger properly.

I'd like to trigger a fast_backward for a rewind, then ease down into a slow_forward, play for a few seconds, and then speed back up to realtime with fast_forward. Thanks again for the amazing work, Exeldro.


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Hey, just wanted to post an issue I had with this plugin.

I recently followed a tutorial I found on YouTube, here's the link. Nutty's Instant Replay Tutorial

It was all set up and I started having trouble with it not catching back up to the live footage, so I simply tried to use the skip to end feature, which didn't actually work half the time. The solution was usually to reboot OBS.

But then it slowly got worse while I only had the plugin active, but never actually triggering it.
My average time to render frames went from ~0.5ms up to 8ms - 20+ms and started causing serious issues with my entire system once obs was open at all. It was so bad I was questioning if the 3 month old GPU was going out on me.

So to resolve this I saved my scenes and did a fresh install of OBS. Boom, back down to my usual render time. Perfect.
I then proceeded to reinstall my plugins 1 at a time, checking obs & system stats in between each plugin until I got to the dynamic delay...
As soon as I installed it and reopened OBS, my average time to render frame went back through the roof.
I uninstalled it again and everything went back to normal.
No recording, no streaming, no games even open. Just OBS and the Dynamic Delay plugin running.

Here's the system specs in case it will help.
  • Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake
  • Cooler Master MasterAir Maker 8
  • ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E
  • ZOTAC AMP Holo GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
  • MasterCase Maker 5t
  • Four G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series @ 16GB 3200
  • EVGA SuperNOVA 1600
  • SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 1TB SSD
  • XPG GAMMIX Gaming SSD S11 Pro Series: 2TB
  • Varied Sizes of HDDs for extra storage
  • Windows 10
PS: I was noticing in the task manager my GPU and CPU would often sky rocket to 100% usage on both shortly before my entire system would lock up. No blue screen, no power off, it just straight froze everything down to the mouse movement.

Thank you for the work you did on the plugin, it was amazing when it was working correctly for me and I loved the instant replay effect I was able to create with it. Hopefully I can safely use it again in the future.