Dynamic Delay

Dynamic Delay 0.1.4

Anything above 10sec of delay makes my OBS to crash. After investigations, it seems that it eats 8GB or Ram ! I have 18Gb, but setting 30sec surely exceed my Ram capacity. But why some other plugins like "Instant Replay" doesn't have this problem ? I guess this is because they operate downstream, and take the compressed image.

So could you add an option to allow us to select the whole canvas, after compression, so we can add delay to our streams and not only a source ? Thanks !
The plugin is fine, excellent, it worked for one of my live shows on twitch
I didn't think it was possible to get rewind, slow-mo and fast-forward capability for a live streams in OBS. Guess I was wrong!
Love this plugin. Sometimes I have issues with it, but it is usually do to the amount of things running on the PC not the plugin itself. Does it use a fair amount of RAM - yes, but that is expected. Don't plan to use something that is storing video footage to rewind and play back if you don't have at least 16 gigs of RAM.

All in all, I definitely say grab this plugin and see what you can do with it. It is so much fun. Thank you Exeldro!
The idea is great but tried it and it used 4.5Gb of ram for 5 seconds!!
The memory usage depends on the resolution and frame rate of the source you apply the filter too.
The plug inn is awesome and it allow you a lot of creativity but I have one problem, if i hit the "skip end" control during my 5sec of slow motion, I mean the slow motion is not ended it will launch a new slow motion for 5 sec so it will not end the action
I think the concept/plugin and controls are great, I am having some weird things happen. It doesn't feel that its rewinding a full 10 seconds. The 1st time I use it it looks fine, after that it doesnt seem like it is rewinding a full 10seconds. I think i need to test more but wondering if anyone has any experience of this ?
Fantastic plugin! Works great. If it ever were to include the audio, it would be absolutely perfect. Thanks!
Easy for basic use, a little tricky to use with scripted hotkeys, but achievable. Amazing live effect!

I'd also like to apologize for the previous review, the issue was somehow on my end, though I do not understand what occurred.
AMAZING concept, broken execution.
This plugin WILL eat all of your RAM and crash your system. Basically useless, very sorry for this review, please fix your plugin.

I recommend using "Replay Source" and "Move Transition" to achieve the same and similar effects without crashes and ridiculous memory overhead.
Replay Source uses the same method to capture frames and should use more RAM than Dynamic Delay for the same buffer length and resolution. All video is stored raw in RAM, no encoding is done. If you need help using the plugin contact me on the OBS Discord, twitter or post a message on this forum.
The only drawbacks: If the resource the Dynamic Delay is added to, is hidden, or not on the current scene, the video will not be cached. This makes it hard to use in some scenario's. Also, the fact that you can only control the 'time movement' through hotkeys is a pity.
Really powerful and elegant way of getting in and out of (live!) slow mo, plus simple way of replaying the last X seconds.