Dual video recording with different bitrates


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Is it possible to record video twice with different bitrates in one OBS instance?

I know there is a plugin for two streams at the same time.
I also know that I can record using two OBS instances.
But is there any other possibility to record in one OBS, on two SSDs, on two paths with different bitrates?

Is it possible to somehow configure the "source record" plugin for this topic?

Please guide me on this.
Greetings to the OBS community

Tomasz Góral

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You can run local nginx, send stream to nginx and save send to online service (first bitrate), second save directly to disk.


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Tomasz thank you for your answer.
So there is no "multiple record" plugin directly from OBS?

I was thinking of a similar solution to nginx but using ffmpeg.
But I can't configure ffmpeg to wait for stream all the time.
When the stream breaks (e.g. crash), ffmpeg stop recording.
Can nginx be configured to wait for a stream all the time until I decide to stop "recording"?

Thanks again, I'll try with nginx.