1. K

    Dual video recording with different bitrates

    Hi, Is it possible to record video twice with different bitrates in one OBS instance? I know there is a plugin for two streams at the same time. I also know that I can record using two OBS instances. But is there any other possibility to record in one OBS, on two SSDs, on two paths with...
  2. onairmitflo

    Video Source File Path from .txt file

    Hello dear friends, I have been working on Visual Radio for a while now. Since I use the automation mAirList I could output the path of a played mp4 file via logging in a text file. This would also update itself again and again. What I am looking for now in OBS is a way to read and play video...
  3. Q

    Plugin path under Ubuntu - my problem and what i found out until today.

    Ok, i am having a lot of trouble in finding the correct path to the plugins folder under Ubuntu. I have to mention that i am a Linux and OBS noob :) I tried to install several plugins and some worked out instantly, while others not. I read in the Docs that there is a new folder structure for...
  4. R

    Sharing JSON, Scenes, Sources, & Paths

    I have a group of people I'd like to share my OBS templates and share Scenes & Sources with. They are spread all over the U.S. I know how to Export and Import a Scene Collection, so I can share the JSON file. My challenge is I cannot figure out how to share the Sources and the Path in such a way...
  5. D

    path changes at new Computer/User

    Hi, I had to install OBS on my new PC. I copied the hole OBS folder after the installation from the backup to the new place. Now all scenes (about 60 ! ) have now the wrong path names in the sources ( for example the path to background pictures) Is it possible to change all paths in a batch...
  6. F

    Question / Help Can not change recording path after updating OBS

    I have recently updated OBS and wanted to change my recording path. However I can not, as the option is grayed out: I can not change the output mode either, as that is grayed out as well. How can I fix this problem? OBS: 23.1.0 (64 bit)