path changes at new Computer/User

DJ CoffeeMaker

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I had to install OBS on my new PC. I copied the hole OBS folder after the installation from the backup to the new place.
Now all scenes (about 60 ! ) have now the wrong path names in the sources ( for example the path to background pictures)
Is it possible to change all paths in a batch, are there anywhere excessable outside of obs or any other way to change that ?
Thx !


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as @cyclemat is indicating, the scene settings are in a text file (.json) that you can use a text editor of choice to search and replace
be careful to not use Word and save in non TXT format

DJ CoffeeMaker

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ok ... I have done that. But I cant import the new file. Nothing happens in the attached window. I think I have configerd something wrong and I cant find a way to reset the import menu.


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