Plugin path under Ubuntu - my problem and what i found out until today.


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Ok, i am having a lot of trouble in finding the correct path to the plugins folder under Ubuntu.
I have to mention that i am a Linux and OBS noob :)
I tried to install several plugins and some worked out instantly, while others not.
I read in the Docs that there is a new folder structure for plugins, so if you download a plugin, you should probably check that the plugin has been "compiled" or "build" in the way that OBS nees it to be read.

So what i found out from within hours of research is that with this command in the Terminal:
sudo find /home /snap -type d -name obs-studio
i can search for the folder "obs-studio".

As the StreamFX plugin installed itself without a problem, what i did was to use the above command to search for streamFX.
It was found in a folder but not inside what the OBS docs recomend to be (root/.config/obs-studio).

But thanks to this i installed the obs-linuxbrowser plugin without a problem.
To install the "move-transition" plugin i simply copied the unpacked folder into the same foler where the obs-linuxbrowser was found.
But it did not work :(


What is the correct folder to nstall the plugins into?
And can someone post in here the paths, depending on if you install OBS via snap, apt or through a ppa ?
For me it looks like that whatever type of install you choose, the plugins folder path is different.


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One thing that needs to be pointed out is that the snap install of OBS is NOT an official package.

If you're using the PPA based install OR a self-compiled install, the "~/.config/obs-studio" path is correct.