Question / Help Does OBS handle cookies for 'browser' source logins?


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Im asking this because I am trying to use twitch chat live in OBS in a smaller window in dark mode. But every single time OBS is started up it starts in normal white BG 'bright' mode.

People say that dark mode isnt even possible well it is... according to twitch staff but that doesnt work for OBS, I enable it another way because of this issue.

Twitch says: check the 4th reply by twitch staff.
I say: enable darkmode by interacting on the windows and selecting the gear and then enable darkmode, but this is only temporary.

Sorry if the question is kinda broken up not really exactly sure of the cause... only the effect. Upon opening OBS, twitch popout chat as a browser source always will require a login and doesnt have persistence on its settings. Im not concerned about the fact that ?darkmode doesnt work that could be on twitch as it seems how the windows is created depends on your login credentials. So this is why Im leaning towards the lack of being able to keep logins between the running instances of OBS