Directory watch media

Directory watch media 0.7.0


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Every time I am stuck on a project and come here to find a solution, the solution is from you.
Thank you again, for making just what I was looking for, even before I needed it


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Is there a way to make it so when I hit my hotkey to save my source record it automatically starts playing the file in my media source in my preview scene in studio mode. If so what do i need to set my media source setting to meaning should I have it set to loop or not, close file when not active and the other settings like those.


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Hello, I'm using your record plugin to make several mkv files in the same folder. I then use this plugin to automatically play the last recording on another scene but I was wondering if I could set it up to have all the mkv files play, one after the other. Am I missing something or can you just use this plugin to play one file (whether it is the oldest or newest etc)