Directory watch media

Directory watch media 0.5.0

Works as advertised, very useful when used with the replay buffer
Finally a stable-working plugin that lets you re-watch your replays from your last match.

There was s script that did exactly this but it was creating a lot of problems. this one is rock solid thank good. And as it is a "plugin" rather than a script, you dont have to worry about losing the settings.

Mini tutorial:

You place a "vlc media source" in a separate "scene"
Add the plugin as a "video filter" to that "vlc media source"
configure plugin through the filters tab, by choosing the target folder, extension and the replay suffix that you entered into "instant replay buffer".

My suffix (in settings\advanced\recording tab)instant replay was " - R" so i entered that without the quotes.

Find the plugin in the hotkeys section of OBS;
bind an easy to remember key to "clear" and you are set.

Now during your gameplay session, hit instant replay as many as you like, and at the end of the round( or whenever you feel like to watch them) go to the scene that contains your "VLC media source" you just created and the replays will start from newest to oldest depending on your settings. Once you are done with the replays, you can go back to your usual gaming or lobby scene and hit the "clear" key.

pro tip: add your "clear" hotkey for the plugin same hotkey as your "lobby" or "game" scene so they get cleared automatically. This way, the old replays will be gone and only the ones from the latest match appear.