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Directory watch media 0.7.0


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Hi! Thank you for a useful plugin! However, I got lower fps and higher cpu usage after updating to 0.5.1. There are no such a problems when I downgraded to 0.5.0. I’m using OBS 26.1.2 on MacOS Big Sur.


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is it possible to get to work with. images in a folder?
i'm trying to add the filter to a screenshot folder.
it really picks up the image. but it is black image as long as filter is active


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Updated to the newest version and I still can't get it to work as advertised.

With VLC video source it'll only play one video and then freeze on it's last frame. And it will only play the one video when opening up the filter, making a change in the setting, and closing it again. The video won't play on it's own when switching to the scene.

With media source it again only plays one video but at least it disappears at the end of the video. And it does play when switching to the scene.


Nice plugin to replay goals in the period break. I'm recording/streaming icehockey games.

Is there any way to get some transition to the clips. It looks not so good when playing several files because it just cut from one to another


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Is there any documentation on how to filter for multiple file types? I'd like to narrow the search down to just png and jpg.
Also, I noticed there's a Random hotkey, is it possible to place that option in to "Sort by" ? It would be awesome to load random images from a folder into OBS. If you use an Image source it has the "Unload file" option meaning every time it loaded it could pick a random file from a directory.
Just an idea!


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@ewat if you don't want a filter on file type you can make that field empty.
the sort by and random both have a different trigger so that would not make sense to me to combine them.


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@ewat if you don't want a filter on file type you can make that field empty.
@Exeldro I would like to filter for ".jpg" and ".png" because at the moment, when I hit the hotkey for "Random" in OBS, the filter sometimes loads the desktop.ini file. So I'd like to instruct it to look only for the image files in the folder.

the sort by and random both have a different trigger so that would not make sense to me to combine them.
I understand, that makes sense. I'm currently looking through your code in an effort to see if I can make a version where the filter triggers the hotkey function for "Random" when the source is visible. I'm having a hard time though, not going to lie haha.


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Okay so I see in the Move Value filter you have the 'obs_source_info.*' thingoe
Is it possible to get that drop down menu into the Directory Watch Media filter so that when the filter changes state throughout OBS we can do things like trigger the random function you have?


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I created an account to just say thank you. Thanks for creating such amazing stuff Exeldro.
I just have a thing here. I can't seem to get the "sort by" to work. I pick "Created newest" but still plays the same file first (the first created) instead of the latest. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if that isn't the function I expected it to be. Am I doing something wrong? I don't know if I should be using "Remove first" to just keep removing matches and mentally (or taking notes) of the replays I'm using and removing? Maybe this sounds complicated.

I'm asking because I'm using it for replays for a tournament and I expect the host to analyze the latest highlight instead of watching something from a different match.

Thanks for your time, Exeldro.


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Hi, I am hopelessly stuck trying to figure out how this plugin works.

My issue is that I am trying to create a replay theatre scene containing a VLC Media Source, where all replays are saved into a specific folder. I set that VLC source with the filter, and pointed it to the replays directory - but I still can't get it to recognize any new video files when they get uploaded into that folder. It's visibility behaviour is set to "Stop when not visible, restart when visible"

Current settings on the VLC Video Player, are Looped playback, and the playlist contains the path to the replays directory. This is also configured the same in the plugin associated with it.

Do you need a video file already in the VLC Source's playlist, or can you leave it blank?

I've spent about 2 hours trying to work this out - some documentation would be highly welcome!