Directory watch media

Directory watch media 0.5.3


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Hi! Thank you for a useful plugin! However, I got lower fps and higher cpu usage after updating to 0.5.1. There are no such a problems when I downgraded to 0.5.0. I’m using OBS 26.1.2 on MacOS Big Sur.


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is it possible to get to work with. images in a folder?
i'm trying to add the filter to a screenshot folder.
it really picks up the image. but it is black image as long as filter is active


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Updated to the newest version and I still can't get it to work as advertised.

With VLC video source it'll only play one video and then freeze on it's last frame. And it will only play the one video when opening up the filter, making a change in the setting, and closing it again. The video won't play on it's own when switching to the scene.

With media source it again only plays one video but at least it disappears at the end of the video. And it does play when switching to the scene.


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Nice plugin to replay goals in the period break. I'm recording/streaming icehockey games.

Is there any way to get some transition to the clips. It looks not so good when playing several files because it just cut from one to another