Count Down Adaptive Time with AUTO-RECORDING & Scene Switcher

OBS Lua Count Down Adaptive Time with AUTO-RECORDING & Scene Switcher 2.0


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Count Down Adaptive Time, Auto-Recording and Scene Switcher - countdown

This is a Countdown of the update I posted in Jan/Feb 2018 version 1.0, now it's 2.0
Complete countdown that enables you to:

  1. Setup an initial text that's put into a Text container: default Live in:
  2. Setup a final text: default: LIVE NOW!

  3. Setup Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds at your wish
  4. Switch to a Scene you choose by a drop down OR to the Final Text (as you wish)
  5. Automatically START RECORDING (if you wish it)
I hope it's useful, I hope you enjoy it

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The pull-down that allows you to define the text source does not work in version 26.
I have to find the time to check it. I have installed it on the broadcasting machine, it still working, but I didn't check it yet on the settings.


Tormy updated Count Down Adaptive Time with a new update entry:

Introduced: START RECORDING, INITIAL and FINAL TEXT and other stuff

This new release is introducing ameliorated features and START RECORDING when Live starts

You can choose:
  1. Set up or not an initial text (Start Text). Default: Live in:
  2. End up or not to a final text . Default: LIVE NOW!
  3. End up to a Scene you can chose
  4. START RECORDING when time = 0:00:00:00. Default: No (avoiding to post-edit the film to remove the initial leading time)
I hope you enjoy with!
Here below the screenshot of the setup...
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