Count Down Adaptive Time with AUTO-RECORDING & Scene Switcher

OBS Lua Count Down Adaptive Time with AUTO-RECORDING & Scene Switcher 2021-06-26

You keep all the feature of the previous release and from now on,
you can select which format has your output:
  1. SS
  2. MM:SS
  3. HH:MM:SS
  4. DD:HH:MM:SS
This new release is introducing ameliorated features and START RECORDING when Live starts

You can choose:
  1. Set up or not an initial text (Start Text). Default: Live in:
  2. End up or not to a final text . Default: LIVE NOW!
  3. End up to a Scene you can chose
  4. START RECORDING when time = 0:00:00:00. Default: No (avoiding to post-edit the film to remove the initial leading time)
I hope you enjoy with!
Here below the screenshot of the setup interface

The dropdown menu "Text Source" is now working, listing the available text fields, where the output of the counter can be directed and displayed