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Control Visca-over-IP based cameras 1.6


Great that you got it to work!

I should have thought about the script reload. Yes, when you (attempt to) use the plugin in a scene, a connection is created. Its configuration will only be forcefully be updated after a script release.


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This script looks promising for my use, especially the animation function. Would it be possible to add a configurable delay before the preset is called? I am using a stinger that takes 1 second to wipe on the screen and the cam needs to be still for that period. Currently, I handle it with a browser source calling Javascript with setTimeout and fetch. It's a little arcane and VISCA would be cleaner.


Sure, that doesn't look hard to add. I will include it in the next release.
As a small bonus, it might even allow adding multiple Visca commands in the same scene, to be executed sequentially based on configured delays...


vwout updated Control Visca-over-IP based cameras with a new update entry:

Release 1.6

This release adds several features and contains a significant number of reworks to improve the code quality.

New features:
  • The number of camera configurations that can be stored increased to the arbitrary maximum of 42
  • Add visca support for focus control. The plugin now supports hotkeys for changing the focus (automatic mode (default for most cameras, manual mode, single shot refocus trigger, focus to infinity, focus to near and focus to far). The hotkeys can be assigned via...

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