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OBS Lua Control Visca-over-IP based cameras 2.5

Script works well. The only problem I have found is the JVC PZ200N presets start at 1 and in the script you must specify the JVC preset number -1. This is the same problem that Randle had. It appears that some vendors start with 0 while others start with 1.
Thanks, but this indeed is very true. Even between Sony cameras this difference is present - or it was a mistake in an early specification documentation release, causing implementation differences.

I can automatically correct for this when you share the camera Vendor and Model id that is shown as 'Version Info at the camera configuration.
Works perfectly with Canon CR-N300 for church service
I also used this with the Birddog PF120. Very helpful! It didn't work first time, but didn't take long. Preset 1 on my Birddog was Preset 0 in this script.
Tested it with a Birddog PF120, works very well (that thing by default only supports zoom as it is not a full ptz camera), but this script for OBS is the first thing i encountered which I was actually able to get running under Debian 11, others failed to build and non-crossplattform vendor solutions failed to run under wine. This script not only does the job, it also does it pretty neat and lightweight, I really like it. Thank you for coding this!
This OBS plugin works verry well with different brands of PTZ camera's.