1. W

    OBS PTZ control- USB CAMERA

    Hi! I have a USB PTZ Camera that i use for streaming on YouTube and Facebook. I want to control the camera through OBS, more specifically Touch Portal. I have downloaded the PTZ Optics, and another, controller Plugin. Both Plug ins require the use of an IP camera... I can right click on the...
  2. H

    websocket ptz camera support

    Hello, I found that OBS Studio's websocket switching of cameras really easy to get working. Can I also control a PTZ camera as well using websockets? Thank you!
  3. rse

    Free OBS Crop Control 2021-12-22

    This is a small HTML5 Single-Page-Application (SPA), running inside a Browser or directly inside a Source Dock of OBS Studio, for interactively controlling the position and/or size of one or more related Crop/Pad source filters in OBS Studio through a remote OBS WebSockets connection. The...
  4. Klongeiger

    VirtualPTZ plugin

    After being disappointed that my Theta 360° camera was virtually useless in OBS (because the fisheye-images don't mix well with normal cameras), I wrote a DAL-plugin that uses the Theta as a source cam and routes a pitch/tilt/zoom segment as a virtual camera into OBS (or any other app that...
  5. glikely

    PTZ Controls

    glikely submitted a new resource: PTZ Controls - Pan Tilt Zoom camera controls for OBS Read more about this resource...
  6. glikely

    PTZ Controls v0.15.4

    This plugin adds a PTZ camera control panel to OBS that can control multiple cameras, and can automatically change selected camera based on the currently active preview or program scene. The plugin supports the VISCA serial, VISCA-over-IP, and Pelco protocols, with plans to add support for...
  7. B

    Camera Control with different pan / tilt values

    I'm new to OBS and I have a Polycom EagleEye IV camera that is USB and supports full PTZ. I can go into the settings and set absolute values on the pan / tilt and zoom, but is there a way I can set them for different scenes or have a few preset locations setup and change between them? I see...
  8. L

    PTZ camera - looking for recommendation on using NDI vs Virtual USB

    I just got a Panasonic AW-HN38 NDI PTZ camera. My understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) is that I can use the NDI plug-in and use that to capture/retrieve the PTZ camera video feed. However, Panasonic also has a PTZ Virtual USB driver which connects to the H.264 (NDI|HX) feed (so NOT...
  9. M

    RTSP PTZ Preset Options

    I would like to use two different presets with my camera without having to log into the camera each time. I’ve heard it possible but haven’t found much this far to support what I’ve heard. I was curious if anyone in the forum had any experience with this or some ideas on how to handle my...
  10. H

    Using the same PTZ camera in mutiple scenes with a different setting.

    Hi Maybe it's a newbie question (I am a newbie...). Sorry if it's the case. I'm using a USB PTZ camera that could be adjusted using OBS in the source popup by the Video configuration button. At first I thought : "I will create many scenes , each of them using the PTZ camera with a different...
  11. Marq

    OBS Lua Scene Execute Command 1.1.0

    OBS script for executing any CLI command whenever whenever a scene is activated. Useful for: Loading a preset of any PTZ camera when an OBS scene is activated. Executing any command that does anything when an OBS scene is activated. For documentation see the included in the zip file...
  12. A

    OBS and PTZOptics NDI PTZ Camera

    I am trying to set up OBS Studio to use a PTZOptics NDI PTZ camera for my church. I have six presets set up in the camera. I am using the HTTP URL's that PTZOptics provides and putting them into each scene for each of the presets. For example, for preset number 1 (my wideshot), I have a "PTZ...
  13. S

    P2P camera from another network

    There are a lot of tutorials about connecting different kind of cameras. But I couldn't find tutorial how to connect P2P camera to OBS. BTW - I can watch P2P camera from external network using e.g. HiP2P Client. And is it possible to use this stream in OBS ?
  14. F

    Non-Free CamController - PTZ Camera Controller (MultiCam) and OBS Swtiching 1.03

    PTZ camera control system that integrates with OBS to allow for control of 1 or more cameras from a gamepad. Multiple cameras can be control from the same game pad, as well as camera switching in OBS. CamController works with Axis Network cameras, ONVIF compatible cameras as well as cameras...