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OBS Lua Control Visca-over-IP based cameras 2.0

This plugin adds a source to a scene in OBS. With this source, a camera can be controlled. Its main purpose is to automatically switch a camera to a certain preset when the scene is activated. This activation can be as soon as the scene is active in preview, in program, or both.

Besides recalling a pre-made preset, this plugin supports a few more control operations:
  • Switch camera On
  • Switch camera Off
  • Preset Recall
This plugin requires the camera to support Visca over IP. It follows the specification as designed by Sony. This plugin has been tested with Everet cameras.

Before the plugin can be used in a scene, it requires configuration in the Script dialog.

To control a camera, add a Visca Camera Control source to a scene.

For full documentation, see obs-visca-control script on Github.
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Latest reviews

I also used this with the Birddog PF120. Very helpful! It didn't work first time, but didn't take long. Preset 1 on my Birddog was Preset 0 in this script.
Tested it with a Birddog PF120, works very well (that thing by default only supports zoom as it is not a full ptz camera), but this script for OBS is the first thing i encountered which I was actually able to get running under Debian 11, others failed to build and non-crossplattform vendor solutions failed to run under wine. This script not only does the job, it also does it pretty neat and lightweight, I really like it. Thank you for coding this!
This OBS plugin works verry well with different brands of PTZ camera's.