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VirtualPTZ plugin

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  1. 64-bit
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  1. Mac OS X
After being disappointed that my Theta 360° camera was virtually useless in OBS (because the fisheye-images don't mix well with normal cameras), I wrote a DAL-plugin that uses the Theta as a source cam and routes a pitch/tilt/zoom segment as a virtual camera into OBS (or any other app that supports DAL-Plugins).
I tested it as far as I could with my limited resources and it is sufficiently stable to use it.

I'd be grateful for additional testers. So if you are interested, please get the sources from the GitHub link, try it yourself and give me some feedback.

A couple of caveats:
1. DO NOT USE IN CRITICAL SETUP! Seriously, this is good for testing and playing, not for mission critical work. If the plugin crashes, it takes OBS with it.
2. In theory, this should work with other 360° cameras, too. I had to hardcode the Theta into the sources (always a Bad Idea™), you can change this if your camera isn't recognised.
3. This eats a lot of processor time, so if your machine is running at its limit, this might break it.
4. Read the additional notes on running and limitations on the GitHub page.
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