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I have followed this thread and done several hours of searching the oracle of knowledge (the big G) for a solution to video scrubbing of media sources that are directly added. I understand there are "hot-keys" and an option to stream from VLC player and use its scrubber or hotkeys there.

Trouble: VLC scrubbing, is clunky and requires additional software to be running and managed as do all the other aforementioned options, WMP, browsers, etc.

To bring perspective I also use V-Mix studio, this has video scrubbing built straight in with drag-drop, play/pause, and restart functionality.
To all those out there who say "well just use V-Mix instead", I have and it has its own issues and overall I have found OBS to still be a better solution.
vmix capture scrubbing2.png

This feature request is 5 years old and I have found no signs that "it is coming".
I remain hopefull!!


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Penso che tanti stiamo aspettando una soluzione. Da quello che si vede nella foto sembra che ci sei riuscito ad impostare tramite controllo HTTP di VLC. Come hai fatto ?
Hello mate, I'll heartily appreciate if you could guide how to add VLC Dock as you did above in OBS Studio please, as it is very hard to know the end time of playback to switch the scene at the right time, thank you & best regards
Just an FYI
I don't use VLC, but rather the OBS native media player (no control at all, at the moment). However, I also use Advanced Media Switcher which recently added the ability to change scene when video ends [buggy in release ... so I don't have to know exactly ... though I am now looking for a simple countdown timer (there are numerous out there) so I have a heads up when Switcher will be changing scene for me


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Tudo é exatamente como você espera :)
Não é a versão mais recente do VLC, mas para mim esta solução funciona.
O reprodutor de arquivos com uma interface da Web ligeiramente repintada.

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Como você fez? Você pode explicar por favor?